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     “GOOD SERVICE AT REASONABLE PRICE AND HIGH QUALITY” is our business moral. Together with our marketing strategy: “ONE STOP SHOP:  All kinds of steel for Petrochemical, Oil refinery, Gas plant, Off-shore, Platform, and Power plant industries,” we are the stockist and specialist in sourcing for the steel business worldwide, with comprehensive range and impressive volume.

With our experienced overseas procurement team, we select the most competitive value from “Global International Vendor Lists”. Our customers can ensure that our materials are produced as per “the international standard” and come from reliable manufacturers. Ample mill support allows us to have a strong purchasing power and ability to negotiate production capacity allocation. Therefore, we have the flexibility and adaptativeness to satisfy all requirements and amendments for our customers, especially suited for the dynamism demanded of a project.

We emphasize on our INVENTORY . We have more than 15,000 stock items to serve any requirements. We build up our inventory system to reduced customers’ stocking cost. With product to comply with customer requirements from years of experience ,and on-shelf inventory for emergency use so customer can be worry-free

ON TIME DELIVERY is one of our important policy. Quick delivery is integrated into our process. Customers will have materials on time as per our promised delivery.

With our strong focus on Technical engineering QA/QC , The material quality is our first priority as we believe that “good quality” is our customers’ priority. Material Certificate, Test Certificate will be supplied together every time with every piece delivered. Visual inspection will be done by our QA/QC team before delivery. Other special tests and reports can be applied by our engineering service team.

SERVICE is the driving force for us. Inside sales are available to support inquiries and difficulties. While the outside sales regularly visit to customers’ site to resolve  questions. Our managements will travel all over the world to keep updated on the international oil and gas market . We are a specialist to support a complete package of materials.

We strive for quality and global awareness in our business to service and deliver satisfaction to our customers.

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On 1988.

S.A. Petrotech Co.,Ltd.

company to supply petrochemical equipment and material products to the Refinery, Power Plant, Exploration, Industrial, and Petrochemical industries.

Incorporated in 1988, S.A. Petrotech Co.,Ltd. originated from over-a-decade group of experts and became a pioneer company to supply petrochemical equipment and material products to the Refinery, Power Plant, Exploration, Industrial, and Petrochemical industries.

Now, S.A. Petrotech has grown to be one of the largest stock list in Thailand. Our aim is to minimize customers' COST AND TIME.
We have extensive stock in Stainless, Carbon, and Alloy material. Supplying quality products at reasonable prices under prompt delivery.

Through our experience, customers' satisfaction in our reasonable price and quality service is the key. That is why we out put much effort into having a wide range of products at considerable quantities to ensure satisfaction in both time and price.

With our competitive pricing and extensive stock convenient for prompt delivery, we help our customer reduce cost, reduce time, and increase profitability, ideal for BLANKET ORDER as well as PROJECT, maintenance, and emergency shutdowns.

S.A. Petrotech had commend in providing material and spare parts for upstream, downstream, power plants, and industries especially in the Eastern Seaboard project of Thailand. With over 1,000 million Baht along with our past operations, S.A. Petrotech has gradually grown to become one of the leading distributors in the mechanical field and piping systems. We are able to fulfill the requirements with trust and acceptance for the efficient and effectiveness in our delivery and services.

S.A. Petrotech emphasizes on engineering oriented service to best satisfy our customers. We realize that to administrator our stock for immediate delivery is significant to your factory in Rayong, therefore we invested for our stock to have sufficient product at all time. We apply computers and personnel to keep in touch with our clients and all data so that we can keep up our standard of service. That is our great pride.

management staff

Name : Mr.Somsak Trongwongsa

Position : Managing Director





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